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We, The Chicago Creepout and Horror Society, are having a short Indie Horror Movie Competition!!! We present FRIGHT BITES Film Festival at Monster Mash-Up in Elgin, Illinois!

Submit your short horror film (30 mins or less) for your chance to win CASH! All night long we will be screening submissions and judging. Winner will receive a CASH prize!

Submission fees are only $20 and we are using 50% of all the submission fees as the grand prize! This means the amount someone will win is determined by how many films are submitted. The more submissions, the higher the prize money!

We are not in this for the money at all, and by doing this we are going to be supporting indie horror better than just giving you a piece of paper as an award. Any old festival can do that, but this way we are giving you some cash to make your short into a feature, or at least help, pay back investors, special effects artists, editors, etc… So spread the word to your fellow filmmakers as well.

Submission deadline is October 5th.

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