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Jaws was released 36 years ago today and I still won’t get back in the water.

For this design, I initially tried animating the classic Jaws poster with the swimmer and shark. Unfortunately it looked like the girl was swimming on the spot and the shark was chewing gum - not very menacing!

Instead, I’ve gone for a pair of shapely female legs treading water - it evokes a sleazy strip-club neon sign but with added danger. Also, the ripples are a neat link to the previous Spielberg neon poster, Jurassic Park. 


Here’s the official poster for Adjust Your Tracking done by the great Devon Whitehead. Please spread this all over the internet and post it as many times as you can on every website you have. We want everyone possible to know about the film.

We are proud to say the movie is finally finished and a press release with a new trailer will be going up in a week or two! Thanks for the continued support and be on the lookout for our world premiere coming soon!

It looks like this is coming to Chicago in August, officially! Several familiar faces in this one - including my friend Matt (Putrid Gore Art) and Lloyd Kaufman - so I’m definitely looking forward to this!

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